ioanna psoma.


Ioanna Psoma was born in Greece and raised in Germany.

Ioanna’s portfolio includes realistic and abstract paintings, oil on canvas and wood. As well as monotype prints. She likes painting in big and small sizes.
Ioanna demonstrates a unique approach to the study of the face itself as well as the the imbedded personality.

Her subjects don’t include only historical and contemporary figures who have made noteworthy contributions and sacrifices, but highlight also normal people from her environment.

Psomas work transcend and transforms pre-existing art, mainly historical photographs through appropriation art. The artist‘s goal is to vitalize and eludicate the original creation, bringing about recognition and memorance.

By the cover versions of Ioanna Psoma, the artist's intention is to increase awareness of contemporary art through secondary metamorphosis of her initial work. Transformation of her own primary work creates new cover versions with new predicates, illustrating how changing times can produce „distorted views“ of art as such.

„Contemporary art is not limited to painting on canvas – a diversity of media are required to express endless interpretations of art“, states Psoma to highlight that art will give birth to new art, as often as we allow to use appropriation.

Transposing parts of facial characteristics in Psomas work, is a concious effort to obligate the observer to engage with the artist’s intention.

It remains to the observers mind to find all elements needed to rediscover the original.

By creating the digital photo collages, Ioanna Psoma wants to highlight the multitasking society and time in which all of us are living. Nowadays we need to be able doing a lot of different things at the same time. The internet creates a big source of information to remember and understand the history and to recognize special people, who are still in our heart and mind - although they passed away long time ago.

Alfred double green, digital re-edit work by Ioanna Psoma, based on painting by Ioanna Psoma

Alfred double green, digital re-edit work by Ioanna Psoma, based on painting by Ioanna Psoma.

Alfred double green, digital coverversion, re-edit work by Ioanna Psoma, based on painting by Ioanna Psoma.